Sheli Nelson

Tucson Patient Advocate

Sheli has been a Certified Pharmacy Technician for 4 years, mostly at the hospital level. She specialized in the mixing and preparation of Hospital Intravenous medications. Having worked under the direction of several Doctors of Pharmacy, she recently expanded her knowledge into retail pharmacy. Prior to her pharmacy career, she worked in education for over 13 years. During her time in education, she worked with many students from Pre-Kindergarten through 5 th grade to provide the best learning experience possible. Sheli has dedicated her entire career to advocating for her students as well as the patients she has served in pharmacy.​

CPhT, AA – Education​

Special Interests:
Sheli and her husband recently moved to Tucson, Arizona from Colorado. She loves the mild winter temperatures and the beautiful outdoor activities that the area has to offer. She has a love for hiking, running, and relaxing with a good book.

“We all have the need and desire to be heard.”

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