Welcome to Your Patient's Advocate

Welcome to Your Patient's Advocate

Welcome to Your Patient's AdvocateWelcome to Your Patient's AdvocateWelcome to Your Patient's Advocate

Dedicate yourself to a higher quality of life!



Services offered:

-Medication record review for potential interactions and educating patient on possible side effects.

-Assist with navigating a hospitalization and discharge.

-Follow the progress of a hospitalization to ensure the plan of care needs are met and improve communication between the patient/family and the medical staff.

-Educate patient/family on current care plan and potential options.

-Explain medical terminology.

-Assist with all aspects of end-of-life planning, including certified doula services and paperwork.

-Accompany patient to doctor's appointment and explain medical plan.


When to Use a Patient Advocate:

-When your elderly parents are out of state and you need assistance with navigating their care.

-When you are unfamiliar with a diagnosis or treatment plan.

-When you don't understand the explanations a doctor gives you about your treatment plan.

-When you don't understand your medications and how they can impact your daily life.

-When you become hospitalized and don't understand all of the options that may be available to you.

-When you receive a terminal diagnosis and need assistance with end-of-life planning, including living wills, Advance Directives, and legacy projects.


What does a Patient Advocate do?

-We do not write a care plan or prescribe medications. We collaborate with your current care team to provide optimal care for you.

-We offer suggestions on improving your quality of life when it comes to the care you are receiving, keeping your dignity at the forefront.

-We advocate to keep you as independent as possible, always keeping safety as the first priority.

-We never make a decision for you - we offer suggestions and allow you, and your family members, to make the decisions concerning your care.