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About Your Patient’s Advocate

Your Patient’s Advocate was created with the belief that everyone should feel supported in their healthcare journey. No one should be left alone to manage their care. We’re here to help you navigate care, understand diagnoses, treatment plans, and medications, manage your medical records and appointments and/or receive support in emergency medical situations.

Navigate the Healthcare Continuum with Ease

Our concierge services are customized to address your exact needs and include home assessments, attending physician appointments, living “well” plans, end-of-life planning, hospitalization support, medication review and more. Working alongside an advocate can help ensure you or your loved one receive the best care possible.

Putting Your Healing Needs First

Our experienced nurse-based advocates are professionals with over 18 years’ experience in various medical specialties. We are committed to putting your healing needs first, and are proud to provide a high quality level of concierge service, medical experience, and commitment to advocate for our clients and obtain the best possible outcome.

Our Happy Clients

Let's Talk

We’re here for you! Get started with a complimentary 20-minute consultation with a Your Patient's Advocate team member. Together we’ll identify how we can help and the best steps for you to take to feel supported in your healthcare journey.

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