Jenny Knorr

Patient Advocate

Jenny grew up in Wisconsin. She loves the friendliness of the Midwest and summertime. Unfortunately, winter is long, cold, and not much fun as an adult. In search of sun and warmer weather, Jenny and her husband decided to move their family of 6 to Arizona about 8 years ago. She has worked in healthcare her entire adult life. She started her career as a CNA (certified nursing assistant) on a busy med/surg floor while obtaining her Licensed Practical Nurse degree. She has enjoyed caring for and learning about a wide variety of patients in the hospital, outpatient clinic, and skilled nursing facilities. In 2021, she accomplished a major life goal by completing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She has witnessed the challenges patients and families face while trying to understand their diagnosis and navigate the healthcare system. In 2020 her dad became the most important patient she’s ever advocated for, when he was diagnosed with ALS. Through this extremely difficult diagnosis he received necessary treatments/equipment because she never stopped advocating for him.


Special Interests:
Jenny loves spending as much time as possible with her husband, 4 kids, and 2 dogs. They enjoy the outdoors, playing games, traveling, camping, and cheering on their favorite sports teams.

“I believe everyone can benefit from a patient advocate. I love getting to know families, educating, and ensuring everyone understands essential information. Clients must be allowed to make informed decisions regarding their healthcare and treatment.”

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