Erin Snyder

Patient Advocate

I was born in Iowa and grew up going back and forth between Arizona and Iowa.  I always knew that I wanted to be a nurse, and have several family members that are nurses, including my mother.  My aunt told me that I needed to try multiple disciplines to see what suited me best. I have spent several years working in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. I spent 4 years in Primary Care at Mayo Clinic, and 3 years in Dermatology.  I have since transitioned to working in home health and training for care management. I truly enjoy it and am loving it. I like being able to build a rapport with clients. I love helping people, and have always been a nurturer by nature.

Special Interests:
When I am not working, my son and I are out trying new things. We love ice skating, going to the aquarium, and visiting with friends. When it is cooler outside, we love playing with our horses and taking them on walks.

“I want to do Patient Advocacy to help people make an informed decision about their care.”

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