Cydney Sheley

Patient Advocate

My name is Cydney Sheley I am a mother of 3 (all grown and out of the house), I am a veteran and I have been in nursing for 37 years but for the last 22 years I have dedicated my career to Oncology and End of Life care.
I am very passionate about patient advocacy, educating patient’s and love ones so they feel supported and in control and being able to help patients navigate their disease journey whether it be towards a cure, a life long illness or the humbling journey home ( however the patient defines their final resting place).
I hold advance certification in Bone Marrow Transplant for blood cancers and in End of Life care.


Special Interests:
My passions outside of my career are my children, the outdoors in the sun and traveling!

“We are all here to walk each other home” ( wherever that walk takes us is THE journey)

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