by | Feb 27, 2023

Arizona PBS Feature: Healthcare Help for Seniors

This winter, 300,000 long-term visitors are expected to come to metro Phoenix. As seniors descend on the state, it can be hard to find new healthcare teams. One Phoenix-based company, called Your Patient’s Advocate, offers seniors guidance, support and knowledge. Company founder Janie Dalrymple joins Ted to discuss Your Patient’s Advocate.

“We are an independent patient advocacy company that helps people navigate the healthcare journey,” said Dalrymple. “We’re the liaison between that client and the medical team to help answer those questions.”

The company primarily works with seniors citizens, but they also help out-of-state residents who have adult children in Arizona. The company attends doctor appointments, reviews medications, sets up medication trays and assists with hospitalization or care relocation.

As Dalrymple points out, many people travel to Arizona for many months at a time, but they do not anticipate getting sick. Your Patient’s Advocate works to connect patients with the right healthcare provider.

Watch the full segment on Arizona PBS here

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